Why You Need to Hire a Designer to Brand Your Business

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When you’re starting off as a small business, you have to realize that your branding is an investment, just like any other business expense. It’s what helps your audience connect with your brand & brand designers help create that connection.

Having a professional opinion helps

Take it from any brand designer I know, we all struggle with designing our personal branding & we’re the professionals!

We’re too close to the project. Our business is our baby.

The same idea goes for your branding. You may already have a vision for the logo, but will that vision convert to sales? Having an outside opinion helps, but a professional opinion is even better.

Brand designers use strategy to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but unique & resonate with their audience.

By working with a designer, you’re not only going to get a consistent brand identity but the strategy behind it to help position yourself in the market.

Quality work & files

As designers, we have the resources to create logos in the right formats, as well as the experience. Sure, there are many ways to get a logo without a designer, but you’re sacrificing professionalism & impact.

It’s easy to tell a homemade logo. Low-resolution files, bad font or color choices, inconsistent messaging, & overused, trendy logo styles that don’t fit the brand or its audience.

Design is what we do; we have the time & resources to create a brand that aligns with your business goals. From color codes & font licenses to print & screen formatting.

We help make everything look professional & stand out from the rest. We take into consideration the details that are easily overlooked.

Can’t trademark Canva logos

I’m a big fan of Canva; I use it all the time for social media templates or other quick designs. But it’s not where you want to be creating your logos.

Not only do they not provide all the resources you’d to create a professional logo, but you can’t trademark it. And if you’re using logo templates not only can you not trademark, but you can only use free elements available to anyone.

Basic fonts & shapes limit design tremendously. Even Canva recommends hiring a designer to create logos/icons for you to then upload & use in Canva.

Read more about Canva licensing here.

So where do you find a quality brand designer?

There are many options & I wouldn’t run straight to Fiverr. It may seem tempting to see so many cheap & fast options out there, but a single listing isn’t enough to know what you’re getting.

You don’t know if these designs have been used before or even taken from another designer.

With that in mind, I’d recommend Instagram. This is a great place to do some research on designers. There are a lot of options, so follow a few that match your style to keep tabs on. Check out all their links, and information & compare so you can make an educated decision.

After all this is an investment!

Another place to research designers is Behance. It’s a social platform like Instagram but for everything creative. You can post jobs or contact someone directly on the site.

These are both great options that really give you a good understanding of the designer & what the outcome will look like.

There are many reasons why you should hire a brand designer when starting your business or rebranding. Mainly because this is what we do! You can focus on your business while we take care of the rest.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you found this article helpful!



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